Frequently Asked Questions

1) I cannot login.
Answer: Use your student ID number as it appears on your ID card and the default password 123456 for first time users.

2) I have forgotten my password.
Answer: Click on the “I Forgot my password” on the login page of the student portal or visit the direct link

3) I cannot open the portal.
Answer: Make sure you get the portal address or url correctly ( ), your ID number is correct and appears exactly as it is on your student ID card, the caps lock (Capital Letters) is off or on to capture your password correctly. Again clear your browser cache or change the browser or the device (phone/computer) you are using.

4) My payments are not reflecting online.
Answer: Please see your faculty/Campus accountant with your payment slips or receipts.

5) My billing or fees are not correct.
Answer: Send an email complain to or see the faculty/campus accountant.

6) I want to change my email address or phone number.
Answer: Login to the student portal, click on main window, select My Profile menu and make changes to the entries to the right hand side and click on the submit button.

7) I want to change my profile (passport) picture
Answer: Login to the student portal, click on main window, select Profile Picture, click on the browser button to select and upload picture. Click submit if the picture uploads and is the correct picture. Kindly upload passport sized photograph but NOT full picture.

8) I couldn’t complete my first trimester registration for 2016/2017.
Answer: Your registration records for the campus (manual) registration would be used.

9) I am not trailing in any or one of the courses.
Answer: Please send an email complain to your HoD, Lecturer and or the Exams Officer to make corrections or update the results online. You can send an email through the portal on the messages menu.

10) A trail (fail/Defer) course appeared on my portal but I did not trail them, should I register them?
Answer: Make a complain first, if these courses are not correct before the deadline for the registration kindly proceed to register with the errors and follow up later for the corrections to be made.

11) What will happen if I fail to register within the stipulated time of the registration?
Answer: You will not be able to continue with the academic work for the academic year hence you would not be recognize as a student.

12) My records are not on the student portal.
Answer: Please send a complaint with a picture of your student ID card to any of the following email addresses;;

13) My courses for the trimester are not ready for registration or do not appear.
Answer: Send complain to your HoD to mount your courses online.

14) My course credit hours are not correct.
Answer: Send an email complain to your HoD, using the messages menu on the student portal.

15) Can I remove trail (fail/defer) courses of lower level or previous academic year(s) or trimester(s)?.
Answer: No, you are required to register them first before registering the current trimester core and elective courses.

16) I want to remove current core courses.
Answer: You cannot remove current core or any core courses. They are compulsory for your program and you are required to register and pass them before you can graduate. You may only defer them to retake them in the next opportunity.

17) I cannot click on finish button on the course registration page/form.
Answer: Make sure the total credit hours are within the limits allowed for your program and level. This is indicated in red below the finish button. To accomplish this you have to remove the elective courses you do not want to register. This can be done by selecting (tick) the courses and click on the remove button.

18) Can I correct/Edit my registration after I have clicked on finish or submitted my form to the Department or Faculty?.
Answer: You can always correct your registration anytime provided you have not submitted the form to the department or faculty for verification and registration has not closed. You can also send an email request to edit or correct your registration if is already verified and registration has not closed. The department/faculty can de-register you to make corrections to your registration.

19) What will happen if I fail to print the registration form for verification by my department or faculty before registration is closed?.
Answer: You would be captured as non-registered student and cannot part-take in any academic exercise for that trimester.

20) My questions are not treated or not captured amongst FAQ.
Answer: Send any other questions to any of the following email addresses;; Help is here

21) I have forgotten the password to my email address.
Answer: Create a new email address and change it on the portal.

22) I do not receive emails from MIS or correspondences.
Answer: Please make sure your email address is spelt correctly at "My Profile" menu. We prefer gmail accounts.

23) My trail (failed/Deferred) have not appeared or showing on the portal for me to register.
Answer: Please send a complain to any of the following emails;;